The Exposed City

I am reading The Exposed City Mapping the Urban Invisibles by Nadia Amoroso. Nadia Amoroso specialises in visual representation by using mapping strategies and reorganizes information and patterns found in architecture and the urban environment to create innovative new maps. What is unique about her approach to mapping is that she is interested in capturing invisible information such as statics or transportation patterns or even things like phone use in a region. I find this particularily interesting because the current series of drawings I am working on references invisible infrastrutures in architecture and I am always intrigue at how other proffessionals or artists interpret the invisible and how information is translated.

Two artists that incorporate the notion of invisible structures are Cath Campbell and Matt Shlian.  While Cath Campbell seems to be using mapping to reinvent our understanding and recollection of built environments. Matt Shlian implodes blueprint representations (or structural maps) and collapses the conventional logic of built structures.

Cath Campbell, Islands in the Stream, 2009, pencil on paper, 124 x 90 cm.

Cath Campbell, Islands in the Stream (details), 2009, pencil on paper, 124 x 90 cm.

Cath Campbell, Possibly Maybe Study No. 3, 2006, pencil on paper, 85 x 62 cm.

Cath Campbell, All I Need is the Air That You Breathe -Part III, 2006, Pencil on paper, 21 x 30 cm

Matt Shlian, Implosion Series 1, 2008, ball point pen, 48.2 x 63.5 cm

Matt Shlian, Implosion Series 3, 2008, ball point pen, 48.2 x 63.5 cm

Matt Shlian, Omnivore, 2008, ball point pen, 48.2 x 91.4 cm

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