Sara Graham is a visual artist who has been primarily concerned with the issues and ideas of the contemporary city. Her current work explores geographic fictions, through the means and methods of architecture, urban planning and visual art. Her interdisciplinary approach allows for the construction of new propositions that lay out plausible fictions, that incorporate philosophical, cultural, sociological and architectural criticism of the nature and condition of the city and city life.


5 responses to “About

  1. I’m looking forward to exploring your work through this blog. I’m interested in some of the same things, though I come at them via words and narrative rather than images. Also: I miss Vancouver a lot, and it’s nice to read someone write about it.

  2. And just when your feeling no one else around you knows what “Superstudio” means, alas, you find this blog. Will definitely follow.

  3. hi, i ve just visited your blog, and it s very interesting projects your talking about. I didn t find a way to send you an email, and I wanted to show you our works, between architecture and art. I wondered if some works could interest you…

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