Facade Mashup

The mashup is a term that is often refered to music or video where a file combines and modifies existing works to create a new  work that emulates the original work. The mashup is slightly different than collage because it is a blending of two or more files where collage intergrates contradicting or incongruent forms by keeping the edge of the two elements apparent. I have always been interested in that ‘edge’ – the point where these two divergent forms meet.  However, because of technological advances, blurring or erasing the edge is the goal with many photographers and artists, who try to seamlessly collage their images.  With the removal of the ‘edge’ I feel that something is lost and the image usually appears contrived. By keeping the ‘edge’ there is the perception of spontaneity in collage – the improvisation of forms connecting together but keeping the juxtaposition of both edges apparent. The ‘edge’ is an important aspect in creating the contradiction in collage similarly to the mashup. The mashup acknowledges the overlay of both sources and in a sense has kept the edge.

The buildings I have included in this post have played with the notion of the mashup, integrating contradicting forms but keeping the ‘edge’.

Hotel Inntel Zaandam, Amsterdam, Netherlands, WAM Architecten

Hotel Fouquet, Paris France, Edouard François

Didden Village, Rotterdam, Netherlands, MVRDV

The Green HouseLaufnitzdorf, Austria, Weichlbauer Ortis Architects

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